Short circuit burns 57 shanties near Batla house


Arpita Singh-

A fire broke out in a slum in South Delhi’s Batla house due to short circuit on the electric pole near the shanties. The 57 shanties mostly made of husk were all demolished by the fire. Several cylinders blasted and two bikes, one car and at least 10 goats perished in the fire.

Aam Aadmi Party provided the residents with 25 thousand compensation per family. Khushboo Punya a resident of the slum said that “I don’t know how will I manage in this much amount but at least someone offered some help”. Khalsa Aid, an NGO provided the residents with food for 6 days after the fire broke out.

Residents couldn’t save any belongings or poultry and we’re only left with the clothes they were wearing. Siraj Ahmed and wife Rehmat lost their passports and gold in the fire. Mustari Begum said that “ I collected these clothes all my life and couldn’t wear it”

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