Nuisance space: Godavari complex

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Mayank Chawla-

Godavari Complex of Noida sector 37, has become a famous spot amongst drug and alcohol consuming youngsters. Surrounded by residential space it causes problems to the people living around. Most of the people involved in these alleged activities are between the age group of 18-35.


The Godavari complex became popular after Teasta café was awarded with ‘The best tea shops’ in Delhi-NCR. The young people of the vicinity have a mixed view about the entire situation. Aman Verma, a 28 year old man says that the café gained popularity because of the Amity University which is just seven kilometers from the place.  Another regular visitor, Shivam Agnihotri, 22, says, “The crowd gathering near the café is understandable, but some of the youngsters coming here often indulge in illegal activities like smoking marijuana, hash, etc.”


  1. P. Mehta, chairman of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA), sector 37, has a different perspective. He believes that the social atmosphere of the complex is disturbed due to the young people coming to the place for alcohol consumption. “It has become a place of complete nuisance where people mostly belonging to the younger generation are doing all kinds of drugs,” he adds.

The place has become a popular meet and greets spot for the people of Noida. There is a mix of crowd ranging from the ‘wannabe flashy car showers’ to the ones ‘who just want some bites for their evening snack’, says Tanya Mehta another visitor. “One may find ‘muscular males’ with their flashy cars and loud music, engaging in arguments/fights over mere parking issues and hence displaying the infamous pop culture at such spots” says Verma and Agnihotri collectively.


Yogyata, another visitor, says that it is difficult for females to pass through the area between 4pm-8pm. On the contrary, Mehta says that since this market is situated near a residential accommodation, there is a restriction on its entry and not anyone and everyone can come here.


With the Golf Course Metro station located at a distance of less than a kilometer, the complex is easily accessible from Delhi.


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