Missing Dustbins in Jullena, Delhi: A Cause of Worry for the Residents

By Zarafshan Shiraz

Recently, to grapple with the problem of overflowing refuse and civic sense, dustbins were brought to be installed in the Sarai Jullena area of South Delhi which mysteriously went missing a few days after installation.

If not the social hub like the Community Centre of New Friends Colony, Jullena on the opposite road is still the food hub for most of the students and locals residing there. The residents come from diverse backgrounds and cultures which makes it one of the ideal places to dine. It garners to the taste-buds of diverse cultures and the pockets of hotels and restaurants. Despite the popularity, it has its downside as well. The need for profit and hunger are met at equal pace but it leaves the locality stinky and polluted.

“At anytime of the day one can find heaps of garbage outside small shops and houses in the narrow lanes of the area. This makes it difficult to manoeuvre bikes and rickshaws, not to mention four wheelers” said Bishal Diganta, a college student, residing in Jullena. “Monsoons make it even more difficult. The underground drainage system simmers and overflows, making it impossible to walk down without getting your feet trod garbage or gutter waste” added Bishal who has been staying in Jullena for the past ten months but has never found garbage bins allocated by the municipality in the area.

When approached, the Sanitary Inspector of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, remained unavailable to comment. Even though Jullena is a locality with such dense housing and commercial facilities, it lacks the bare minimum to keep surroundings cleans. On festivals and celebrations it gets worse with the plastics strewn around and food splurging on the streets.

Mohd. Sameer Khan, another resident of the area said, “Due to a lot of contamination, the place is most of the time stinking and swamped by flies and mosquitoes. It results in people falling ill.” He also admitted that there are not any MCD trucks to pick up the waste for days.

It becomes imperative that necessary steps are take to maintain a minimum sense of hygiene in a residential area. In the wake of The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) two years back, directions were sought to the municipal bodies to provide dustbins on each street of Delhi. But even with the Campaign being inaugurated with much fanfare and with ministers, bureaucrats and others holding “jhadoos”, it has been a tremendous failure especially in the Capital.

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