High expectations of Okhla from PHASE III metro

By Khalid Kohistani

New Delhi: With the deadline of phase III of Delhi metro coming closer the excitement of the people of Okhla region has also increased. The area in the previous years have faced the problem of being very narrowly connected to the rest of Delhi through a small corridor of road, but with the Phase III metro completion the area will not only connect directly with the rest of South Delhi but also with Noida directly making commutation massively easy not only for the people of Okhla but also for people traveling from violet metro line to Noida (which is in blue line).

What makes it more interesting is the opportunities that the people of area will get with expanded connectivity with the rest of the city and with the NCR of Noida.

Abiz Shah, owner of a local restaurant in Batla House said “We are expecting a greater number of people coming to Okhla for its renowned chicken dishes and it might help us a lot in expanding our business.”

The property rates in the area have already been very high since the announcement of Phase III map itself and are expected to increase further high.

The area has also been facing great traffic problems from the past several years due to narrow roads and no nearby connectivity to metro forcing people to commute by autos, rickshaws and personal vehicles and the locals are expecting the situation to get better with the opening of phase III metro.

Rafeek Ahmad, 27 a resident of Abul Fazal Enclave says, “I am hoping for the traffic to get lesser as people should hopefully start using metro with the opening of phase III and it will help the area to develop.”

The deadline of the Phase III is in the mid of the year 2016 and a majority work for the stations has already been completed.

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