DU students worry hostel shortages, high accommodation prices outside

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Hasan Akram-

Rocky Tuseed the Delhi University (DU) Students’ Union president promised during his election campaigns to construct more hostels if he is elected president’s seat.  But the DU students’ dream of more hostels does not seem to be realised in recent future anyway. Months have passed since his election as the DUSU president and yet he has not gone forward with his word. Even he has not discussed this topic with the university’s vice chancellor Prof. Yogesh Tyagi. Rocky revealed this information in an interview to this correspondent.

The accommodation has been a larger concern of the university students. They suffer a lot due to high prices of items. Rooms and PGs in the surrounding localities of north and south campuses are charged very high for. “Rates are not reasonable here,” says Indu an M.A(zoology) students who pay Rs.5600 for a seat in the two seated room of a PG in Hudson Lane near north campus. Kunal Maheshwari, the same University’s student said: “Living outside the university hostels costs three times high comparatively”.

The students somehow bother living in the nearby areas on extremely high cost or a number of the students decide to live in comparatively low cost areas. But a long journey to the campus in Delhi’s heavy traffic jam makes their job more difficult. “It’s really tiresome for me to go to the campus in an unbreakable traffic jam every morning”, said Zeeshan Naqwi, a student of M.fil(Urdu) who travels 22 km to reach the university campus from his flat in Batla House.

According to the information uploaded on Delhi University’s official website, DU was established as a teaching and residential university but although this is the biggest network of teaching institutes in India today, it is far away to achieve its goal to be a residential university. The number of its hostels (18) is four times less than the number of its colleges (77).

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