DDA unaware of ground realities, RWAs urge to make amendments in Master Plan-2021

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Hasan Akram-

After the recent strife between Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the traders in Delhi, United Residents Joint Action (URJA), a joint body of Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs), has urged the Delhi government to make necessary amendments in the Master Plan of Delhi (MPD)-2021.

URJA believes that the MPD-2021 did not take into account the real issues of the people. “Its (MPD’s) makers did not connect common persons in drafting policies for them,” Atul Goel, URJA president said.


Goel said that his organization will provide people’s suggestion to DDA. It will constitute a committee comprising urban planners, retired bureaucrats and business persons. The committee will reach out to local community leaders and heads of RWAs in every area to make a proposal to the Delhi government.


DDA has often sought suggestions from people through advertising in newspapers. As per the Master Plan-2021, DDA garnered 700 suggestions/objections from public sector. But Ashutosh Dixit, Chief Executive Officer, URJA, does not consider it efficient. He said, “This is not a proper mechanism to know the ground issue of people. Rather their personnel should go to the areas which will affected by MPD-2021, communicate to the people directly and then, make policies.”

J P Agarwal, principal commissioner, DDA said, “We study about the field before drafting a policy. Moreover, we welcome suggestions from individuals and group of people.”


According to URJA personnel, mobility is one of the biggest challenges in the city, especially in its commercialized areas. Due to lack of parking lots, people station their vehicles on roadsides. Moreover, presence of tremendous number of private cars causes narrow down passages.


Dixit suggested hardening rules to purchase cars and opting for new parking policy with immediate effect. He also proposed to make parking lots away from metro stations to decrease traffic around like the UK and the US.


The new parking policy, known as ‘Delhi Maintenance and Management of Parking Rules, 2017’ bid to charge for parking automobiles in residential areas, putting a cap on free parking.


Arshia Ikhtekhar, an Ekistics expert said, “The government should make public transport more convenient and people should be encouraged to use them.”

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