La Cultura del caffé

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Anya Aftab

India is a complex country. There are many layers of social, religious and political issues around but these do little to weigh down the spirit of people looking to explore. Such people enjoy spending free time in Cafés inspired by the west that are now commonplace along the streets of India. These cafes are a Mecca for photographers, an ideal environment to snap and chill. There is something inspirational about the ambiance, interiors and the warm service.

Coffee has become an excuse to visit cafés, to socialise, a place to contemplate, think and observe. These cafes also generate employment for the city youth. The ever-increasing number of coffee houses or shops around the city of Delhi says a lot about the change in culture.

I love people-watching, seeing people go about their daily lives while observing the way they behave, they move, they interact with the environment and the people around them. I enjoy capturing photographs of people while they’re relaxed whether chatting with a friend or reading on their own.

These are a few of the images from my project Café Uncork’d that I shot while browsing around Delhi, looking for interesting coffee shops and cafes.



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IMG_0102 (2)