Batch of 2016-18

Aftab Shaikh hails from Goa and is currently working as freelance journalist in Delhi. With more than two years of experience in print and electronic media, Aftab has developed a strong hold on probing skills, news value and creative writing. His interest lies in investigative journalism, particularly in the field of crime, politics and development. His main skill-set lies in print and multimedia journalism. He worked as a staff reporter at O Herald and Gomantak Times – local dailies from Goa, covering 2014 General Elections and civic body polls. Besides, Aftab has also contributed news and photo stories to organizations like The Wire and The Citizen in the recent past. Aftab has also interned in the editorial department of The Statesman, Delhi Edition. Having developed his strength in technical skills, Aftab can operate 14 different designing, video, audio and photo editing softwares.

 Akrati Bhatia is passionate about Television Journalism and her interest lies in storytelling through visual medium. She has interned with prominent English daily, The Statesman for a period of 5 months and have received various by-lines and did cover stories. She has also worked with BBC Hindi and All India Radio as a radio presenter and script writer and have presented entertainment shows. She was also an intern with NewsX and has published various stories with The Citizen. She also photographed and documented the life of a protestor in Jantar Mantar known as Santosh Murat Singh, who is falsely registered as dead in government records and is struggling to prove his existence. Akrati is well-versed with technology and can easily handle various equipments and editing softwares.

Aliya Jamal is passionate about print and multimedia journalism with her interests mainly in lifestyle journalism. During her internship at The Citizen, Aliya did many feature stories for the lifestyle segment. In the photobook named, Good Girl, she observed lifestyle of the girls from affluent families of Delhi. Aliya is an avid reader and loves to travel. As a part of academic training at MCRC, Aliya has learned to produce video stories, news bulletins, reporting, writing for print and producing radio shows. She is interested in long form and narrative journalism and would like to explore her creative storytelling skills.

Aquib Anjum is a freelance Journalist. He has worked as an Intern with the city reporting team of The Statesman, New Delhi. He is comfortable in writing in English and Hindi. He is particularly interested in reporting national politics, crime, business, politics in cricket, education and legal issues. Aquib is good at copy-editing. He is also well versed with editing tools like Adobe InDesign, FCP and Adobe Premier Pro. He is interested in data visualization techniques for business journalism. He is an Economics graduate. His work has been published in popular online portal, The Quint.

Haider Ali is interested in broadcast journalism. He is well trained in news writing, reporting, editing and video production.  He is good with editing softwares like Adobe Lightroom, FCP, Audacity, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe InDesign. Haider has done his graduation from Jamia Millia Islamia in mass media. Haider has interned with NDTV India, Doordarshan and Khabar Lehariya as a video editor. He has also worked for India News Uttar Pradesh-Uttrakhand. He is proficient with still as well as video camera. As a part of his academic training in Jamia, he has done stories for print and online as well as made video news packages and several productions for radio. His interests lie in crime, human rights, entertainment, education, politics and social issues. 

Moazzam Ali is a freelance journalist .His focus lies in photo and television journalism. He is familiar with editing softwares like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. He is interested in Crime news, Entertainment news, social issues, National Politics. Moazzam has done his Internship in JK News in reporting. Recently he interned with India Today group  as a content writer. He writes in Hindi.. As a academic student he has done a three days workshop with African delegates. He made a Photo Book ‘Epilogue’ on Old age home’. He has done Print and video stories. As a director he did a successful studio Production with his team in PCR, MCR and on Floor. He is very smooth with still and video P2camera.

Nabeela Paniyath has graduated in Mass Communication and Video Production from University of Kerala.  She is interested in visual and online media. She has interned with Media One TV  and worked as a reporter and copy editor for 19th and 20thIFFK ( International Film Festival of Kerala) and IDSFFK ( International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala). Her work has been published in reputed news portals such as The Wire and The Citizen. She has made a documentary “Apoorna Padangal”, on the issue of educational challenges of indigenous people in Kerala. She is an ambitious story teller interested in environmental and social issues. She is trained to use softwares such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom. Her strength is to tell stories effectively through visuals.

Nikita Bishnoi is a journalist based in Delhi. Her focus lies in multimedia, data and print journalism. Her topics of interest are education, politics and social issues. Nikita has interned with ‘The Hindu’ and based 14 bylines and has also contributed stories to other media organisations such as ‘The Quint’, ‘The Citizen’ and ‘‘. She is efficient in the art of story telling. Her skill set includes Editing, Photography, videography etc. She is interested in telling stories in a different and efficient way.

V Padmaja is interested in narrative journalism for print and online. She has interned with media organisations such as The Hindu MetroPlus and The Citizen. Her work has been published in news portals like The Wire. She has also worked as a copy writer and researcher for Concept Communication, a Delhi based advertising agency.  Padmaja is keen on reporting about politics, women’s issues and art. Her key strengths include news writing, research and editing. She is trained in photojournalism and is comfortable with editing softwares such as Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut Pro and Audacity. Padmaja’s interest lies in finding innovative techniques of storytelling by integrating text and visuals.

Priyale Chandra is a freelance writer and journalist. Her focus lies in multimedia and data journalism. Her topics of interest are international relations, literature, environmental issues and politics. Priyale has interned with Penguin Random House. She is good at research, copyediting and in-depth analysis of issues. She is also adept at using softwares like Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Audacity. Priyale is interested in using different storytelling techniques to create innovative multimedia stories. Her work has been published in The Quint and The Indian Economist

Priyanka Bansal is a multimedia and video journalist from Delhi. She has a knack for storytelling and looks for quirky ways to tell interesting stories. She lives and breathes the internet and thrives on pop culture. She is interested in developmental journalism, social relationships, mental health and queer issues. Another thing close to her is documentaries and documentary making. She also made a documentary style photobook called Size+ for the Photojournalism course. Adept with different online tools and applications, she wishes to create interactive content. Priyanka has a good command over InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom and Adobe Premier Pro among other tools. She also holds good written and verbal command over Hindi and English. Priyanka tries to use her knowledge of pop culture and cinema to tell relatable stories. In her free time she reads and sometimes does slam poetry which has inspired her to do a multimedia project on the same.

Sana Fazili is interested in long-form and multimedia journalism. She has studied mass communication and multimedia production in her graduation and interned with Kashmir Life, a weekly magazine published from Kashmir, where she wrote issues pertaining to education, culture and society. She is more inclined towards writing about issues related to women, conflict, minority and health. She is well-versed with video and photo editing softwares, and page designing.  During the course of her masters she has learnt the nuances of storytelling through digital as well as electronic media. Before joining Jamia Millia Islamia, Sana worked as a reporter with daily Kashmir Reader and also contributed to local magazines in Kashmir. Sana has also interned with BBC, Indo-Asian News Service and Hindustan Times (Srinagar bureau). Her stories have appeared in The Quint, The Citizen and the Kindle magazine.

Sumaira Rizvi from Allahabad is a journalist with keen interest in political and social issues. She was an intern with the Times of India, Allahabad where she filed news reports and provided her inputs to daily reports. She also assisted senior reporters on various stories in the span of her internship.Before joining AJK-MCRC, Sumaira did  B.Sc (Hons) Biomedical Science from University of Delhi. This remains one of her many strengths when doing science stories. Sumaira is well-versed with softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. She is specially interested in producing multimedia content. She has also produced several television news packages in Jamia along with her teammates and has been the anchor for the news show. She has also contributed opinion pieces to a well known online portal and news story to

Born and brought up in Amritsar, Tavanpal Singh has a keen interest in Web Journalism. He has done internships at the NDTV, NewsX, BigFM and Hindustan Times. It helped him to develop a skill in writing soft stories for the new media and the social media management for leading media organisations. He was mostly involved with the programming team to research for story ideas. In Jamia he has done video packages, online, print and radio productions and was also an anchor for a news live show. During his graduation he also received an appreciation for being a regular contributor to the Letter to Editor column of the Hindustan Times. He has contributed to the organisations like The quint, whatthebeep, Hindustan Times and The Daily Post. He has worked on a documentary titled ‘Her Tibet’ which focuses on the role of women in the Tibetan freedom struggle. Currently he is working on a online forum called Project SafetyMed highlighting the harassment medical professionals and the patients face in dealing with getting access to the health care services in India.

Zeeshan Ali is passionate about storytelling. Over the course of his M.A., he has acquired sound video editing and photographic vernacular. He has done bachelors in Engineering and possesses comprehensive problem solving abilities. He has a fervid relationship with English language especially poetic expression and excels in verbal and written communication skills. He has in depth understanding of Economics, Sciences, Literature and instilled love for sports especially International football. He has worked with organizations like Jashn-e-Rekhta and Jashn-e-Adab and has a keen affinity towards Urdu. He also holds an Avanzado Diploma in Spanish. He has contributed articles for the likes of The Quint etc in themes like ‘Superbugs’, football economy of India, etc. He displays an inchoate ability to deal with people and a willingness to learn through a ‘good listen and observe’ policy.

Zirak Faheem comes from Afghanistan where he has been working as a journalist for the past 15 years.  He has worked as news manager and editor for past few years there. His hold on visual language and aesthetics make his stories more powerful. Zirak is interested in documentary film-making and new media. His story in 2016 on safe havens for Islamic State in Afghanistan was highly appreciated in the media.  Zirak has done extensive coverage of the Afghan conflict for which he was honoured with National Medal from the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.