Ban on diesel gensets adversely affects generator-for-hire businesses

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Pramiti Lonkar-

The recent ban on diesel generator sets by the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has left an impact on the various stakeholders, especially the generator-for-hire businessmen and the wedding tentwallahs. Mohammad Ameer, a supplier of generators in banks and offices, says his business has been affected a hundred percent. “There is hardly any electricity supply issue in the city. Generators run for one to two hours at the most as power backup. There is nothing I can do, I have to wait until the ban is lifted.” says Ameer. The ban has been imposed until 15 March 2018 as the air quality has reached the ‘very poor’ level.

An exemption has been given to essential services like hospitals and mobile towers, however, weddings and residential areas have not been excused. There are no alternatives in certain cases. The upcoming event at India Gate on November 3 by the Ministry of Food has also been given an exemption. The New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) said that the existing grid lines are not enough to conduct such a large-scale event and generator sets would be necessary. The question arises, if there is a lack of alternative in the central area of the capital, how can the government expect the rest of the city to cope with the ban? There have been 25 requests for exemptions since the ban.

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