After Kamla Market fire, shopkeepers in the capital worried

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Ayesha Khan-

After a fire broke out in Kamla market of Delhi last month, shopkeepers in other markets of the capital fear the safety of their shops and livelihood. Customers too are apprehensive of such incidents happening in future.

“Most of the shops here have fire extinguishers but the space in the market is very cramped. No other facilities are provided and if anything happens it may create panic amongst customers,” said Dinesh Yadav, a shopkeeper in Sarojini Nagar market. “The government should provide other facilities and keep a regular check on electricity connections as they are very old and there are high chances of short circuit,” he further added.

“I come here regularly to shop and such incidents won’t stop me from coming to markets but such incidents can be avoided if measures are taken by the government,” said Roshini Tomar, a regular customer at Sarojini Nagar market.

“We haven’t been given any special orders by our senior officials or by the government to have safety checks in the market. But if anything happens we will be there as soon as possible,” said Subhash Gupta a fire operator at Chanakyapuri fire station which is the nearest to Sarojini Nagar market.

“Our fire station is just opposite Nehru place market, so the market is much safer. We also conduct safety checks in every 3 months to ensure that the electrical connections in the market are not getting weak which might become dangerous,” said Dinesh, a senior fire operator at Nehru Place fire station.

“The fire brigade visits Lajpat Nagar market on Saturdays and Sundays but what about the rest of the days, there is no safety assurance for it,” said Umesh Sharma, a shopkeeper at Lajpat Nagar market. “Government should make the markets no-smoking zones as it increases the risk of fire breaking out,” he added.



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